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The Turning Center for Your Shop


  • 8-inch hydraulic chuck
  • Maximum turning diameter of ø20″ (ø510mm)
  • Through-hole diameter of ø2.6″ (ø66mm)
  • 12/8-position servo tool turret
  • Compact footprint

Additional Options

  • 12 Tools Turret
  • Tail Stock Unit
  • Tool Setter | Renishaw
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Bar Feeder

Country of Origin: Parts sourced from multiple countries. Machine tool assembled in China; packaged and shipped in the USA.


Designed to revolutionize turning centers and provide unmatched performance. Whether you’re prototyping, or producing small parts in large quantities, the L2 from SYIL delivers excellent results.

Chuck Size
8 inch (ø203.2mm)
Max. Swing Diameter Over Bed
ø20.08" (ø510mm)
Max. Swing Diameter Over Carriage
ø10.24" (ø260mm)
Max. Workpiece Length
Length 11.81" (300mm)
Max. Workpiece Diameter
ø14.96" (ø380mm)
Floor Space (L x W x H)
69.88" x 63" x 66.54" (1775 x 1600 x 1690mm)
Spindle Max Speed
4000 rpm
Spindle Nose
Spindle Bore Diameter
ø2.6" (ø66mm)
Through Spindle Bore Diameter
ø2.05" (ø52mm)
Spindle Power
14.75/20.12 hp (11/15 kW)
Tool Holder Type
Servo Turret
8/12 Positions
Tool Shank Size
0.98" x 0.98"/0.79" x 0.79" (25 x 25/20 x 20mm)
Tool Shank Diameter
ø1.57"/ø1.26" (ø40/ø32mm)
X Rapid Traverse
1181.1"/min (30 m/min)
Z Rapid Traverse
1181.1"/min (30 m/min)
X Travels
7.87" (200mm)
Z Travels
14.17" (360mm)

Compact Footprint

Compact machine layout that can be combined into a production line



High-precision ball screws and linear guides


8/12-Position Tool Turret System

Durable tool turret can withstand 70kg coolant pressure


High-Speed Servo Spindle Unit

Maximum spindle speed of 4000rpm

Why Choose the L2 CNC Lathe?

When it comes to small parts manufacturing, precision and efficiency are essential. That's where SYIL CNC lathes come in.

  • Compact Size

    SYIL L2 adopts a platform-based and modular design, featuring a compact footprint and a comfortable operating space with expandability. It reserves interfaces for various expansion functions to enable automated processing, such as loading and unloading robots, automatic doors, automatic feeders, tool setters, online workpiece inspection, etc.

  • Expandable
    • Modular design with powerful expansion capabilities
    • Compact machine layout; can be combined into a production line
    • Optional mineral-cast bed structure
    • High rigidity and thermal stability
    • Direct-drive servo system and high-precision guide rails
  • Built for Production
    • Fully enclosed working area with stainless steel protective panels
    • Designed for easy chip removal
    • Ergonomic design for operation and loading/unloading
    • Easy access to each unit for simple maintenance
    • Optional customizable automation system for expansion
  • High Performance

    With SYIL turning centers, you can expect superior accuracy and repeatability. The advanced CNC technology ensures that every cut is precise, resulting in consistent and high-quality parts. Whether you are prototyping or producing small metal parts in large quantities, SYIL lathes deliver exceptional results every time.

Additional Features

Finish Turning Cylindrical Accuracy
Finish Turning Parts Surface
Finished Turning Parts Roundness
≤0.000118" (≤0.003mm)
Position Accuracy (X)
0.000197" (0.005mm)
Position Accuracy (Z)
0.000315" (0.008mm)
Repeat Accuracy (X)
0.000079" (0.002mm)
Repeat Accuracy (Z)
0.000157" (0.004mm)
Floor Space (L × W × H)
69.88" x 63" x 66.54" (1775 x 1600 x 1690mm)
6724 lbs (3050 kg)

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