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SYIL T7 Drill Tap Mill

Maximize Productivity


  • Axis travels of 27.56″ x 17.72″ x 12.99″ (700 x 450 x 330 mm)
  • 21-pocket high-speed servo tool magazine
  • 20,000 rpm direct BT30 spindle
  • High-precision mineral casting
  • THK ball screw and linear guide

Customization Options

  • NC rotary table DDR type | 4th axis 170mm size kits including servo motors and driver | Taiwan Made and DDR type
  • NC rotary table servo type | 4th axis 170mm size kits including servo motors and driver | Taiwan Made and Gear type
  • Tailstocks for gear type 4 axis
  • Probe System | Wireless type
  • Tool Setter Kits | Cable type TTC200
  • Filtermist

Country of Origin: Parts sourced from multiple countries. Machine tool assembled in China; packaged and shipped in the USA.


A Sleek, High-Speed Machining Center. Purpose-Built for the Efficient Machining of Large Quantities of Workpieces.

Table Size
800 x 420mm
T-Slots (Number × Size × Distance)
3 x 14.3 x 125mm
Max. Table Load
Floor Size (L x W x H)
2098 x 1850 x 2068mm
Distance between Spindle End and Tabletop
150 - 480mm
Distance between Spindle and Column Surface
Spindle Nose
Spindle Speeds
20,000 rpm
Mechanism of Transmission
Cutting Feed
Rapid Traverse

Expoxy Granite Frame

High-precision mineral casting body



High-precision ball screws and linear guides



Optional 4th-Axis


High-speed Servo Tool Changer

21 positions BT30

Why Choose the T7 Drill Tap Mill?

This machine is designed to optimize efficiency and productivity in metal parts manufacturing. With incredibly fast drilling and tapping speeds, it allows for quicker completion of these, often tedious and manual, tasks. With the capability of accommodating multiple tools, it reduces the need for manual tool changes and further enhances productivity.

  • Excellent Features
    • Performance powerful and reliable
    • Compact layout, configurable production line
    • Mineral cast bed structure
    • High rigidity and good thermal stability
    • Direct drive servo, high precision guide rail
  • Sleek Design
    • Fully enclosed workspace, equipped with stainless steel protective plate
    • Easy chip removal design
    • Ergonomic operation and loading/Unloading design concept
    • Equipment units are easily accessible for easy maintenance
    • Expandable and customizable automation system
  • Enhance Efficiency and Accuracy

    The SYIL T7 CNC drilling and tapping machine is designed to optimize efficiency and productivity in metal parts manufacturing. It boasts fast drilling and tapping speeds, allowing for quicker completion of tasks. The machine also has the capability to accommodate multiple tools, reducing the need for manual tool changes and further enhancing productivity. With its automatic tool change system, the SYIL T7 ensures seamless transitions between different tasks, minimizing downtime and maximizing overall efficiency.

  • Optimize your process
    • The SYIL T7 offers precise and efficient drilling and tapping capabilities, making it ideal for the CNC manufacturing industry.
    • With its advanced CNC technology, the SYIL T7 ensures accurate and consistent results, reducing the risk of errors and rework.
    • The machine is equipped with a high-speed spindle that enables fast and precise drilling and tapping operations, increasing productivity and reducing manufacturing time.
    • It offers a wide range of drilling and tapping options, allowing for versatility in manufacturing various metal parts.
    • Built with robust construction and high-quality components, ensuring durability and longevity in heavy-duty manufacturing environments.
    • The SYIL T7 is equipped with advanced safety features, such as emergency stop buttons and safety interlocks, ensuring operator safety during operation.
    • Compatible with various CAD/CAM software, enabling seamless integration into existing CNC manufacturing processes.
  • Support

    Backed by a reliable customer support team, providing assistance and technical expertise to ensure smooth operation and optimal performance.

Additional Features

Tool Type
Wheel Type
Tool Storage Capacity
21 Positions
Max. Tool Diameter
Max. Tool Length
Max. Tool Weight
Tool to Tool
Spindle Motor Output (Rate/Max)
Drive Motor (X, Y, Z)
Power Source
AC380V/ 3-Phase
Floor Space (L × W × H)
2098 x 1850 x 2068mm

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