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SYIL U5 5-Axis Mill

Elevating Precision Machining


  • Axis travels of 19.69″ x 11.81″ x 9.84″ (500 x 300 x 250 mm)
  • 200 mm Direct Drive 5-axis rotary table
  • 32-pocket high-speed servo tool magazine
  • 30,000 rpm HSK-E40 electric spindle
  • SCHNEEBERGER mineral casting

Customization Options

  • Probe System | Wireless type | Marposs
  • Tool Setter laser type | Marposs
  • Filtermist
  • Central Coolant System (CTS 20 Bar)
  • Chip Conveyor

Country of Origin: Parts sourced from multiple countries. Machine tool assembled in China; packaged and shipped in the USA.


Bringing 5-Axis capability to your workshop, the SYIL U5 CNC Mill is ‘within reach,’ both financially and functionally, empowering you to extend your reach across every curve and contour of your workpiece.

Plate Diameter
Maximum Machining Diameter
Swiveling Range
+/- 100°
4/12 H7
Maximum Table Load (0°)
Maximum Table Load (90°)
Floor Size (L x W x H)
1950 x 2050 x 2400mm
X Travel
Y Travel
Z Travel
Distance Between Spindle End and Rotary Table Top
50 - 300mm
Distance Between Spindle and Column Surface
Spindle Nose
Spindle Speeds
30,000 rpm
XYZ Rapid Traverse
XYZ Cutting Feed
B Rapid Traverse
10,800 deg/min
C Rapid Traverse
18,000 deg/min
BC Cutting Feed
3,600 deg/min

Mineral Casting

SCHNEEBERGER High Precision Mineral Bed



SCHNEEBERGER High Precision Linear Guide


High-Speed Servo Tool Changer

32 pocket ATC

Why Choose the U5 5-Axis Mill?

Choosing the SYIL U5 5-Axis Mill equips your shop with the capability to execute complex, precision parts with a single setup, elevating your manufacturing to compete with industry leaders. It's an investment in both quality and efficiency, offering advanced technology at an accessible price point, ensuring a quicker return on investment. Plus, its compact footprint fits neatly into smaller spaces, maximizing your shop's production potential without the need for extensive (often expensive) expansion.

  • Affordability Quality

    Less installation space and the highest efficiency: U5 is the most compact machining center in SYIL’s U series of five-axis machines. It is specifically designed for processing cubic workpieces weighing up to 100 kg.

    The machine has a compact structure, powerful performance, stable and reliable operation, high dynamic performance, and can be quickly installed and easily operated and maintained.

  • Unparalled Precision

    The SYIL U5 5-axis CNC mill is a powerful tool that offers numerous advantages for industrial machinists. With its 5-axis capability, this machine allows for complex machining operations that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional 3-axis mills. This means machinists can create intricate and precise parts with ease, expanding their capabilities and offering more value to their clients.


    One key advantage of the SYIL U5 is its high level of accuracy and repeatability. Its advanced control system and rigid construction ensure consistent and precise machining results, even when working with tight tolerances. This allows machinists to confidently produce high-quality parts that meet the most demanding specifications.


    In addition to its accuracy, the SYIL U5 is designed for optimal productivity. It features high-speed tool changes, fast rapids, and chip management systems, all of which help reduce idle time and maximize machining time. This results in faster production cycles and increased overall output.


    In conclusion, the SYIL U5 5-axis CNC mill is a versatile and efficient machine that offers unparalleled precision and productivity. With its advanced capabilities and user-friendly operation, it is the ideal choice for industrial machinists looking to boost their productivity and expand their capabilities. Unlock your manufacturing potential with the SYIL U5 and take your machining operations to the next level.

  • Excellent Features
    • Rotating area b-axis rotatable -35° / +110°
    • 5-axis machining capability, complete processing of complex workpieces
    • Equipped with a standard 32-bit tool magazine, with a quick tool change time of less than 2.0s
    • High dynamic performance electric spindle with 30,000 RPM speed, 11 KW power, and Cts high-pressure center water outlet support
    • Expandable real-time thermal compensation function
  • Sleek Design
    • Optimized floor space (Only 3.20 m²)
    • Achieve optimal integration with machine width of <1.80 m
    • Mineral casting bed structure
    • Built-in heidenhain encoder
    • Direct drive servo system and high precision guide rail

Additional Features

Tool Type
Arm Type
Tool Holder
Tool Storage Capacity
32 positions
Max. Tool Length
Max. Tool Weight
Max. Tool Diameter
Tool to Tool
Spindle Motor Output (Rate/Max)
Drive Motors (X, Y, Z)
Power Source
AC380V/ 3-Phase
14 kVA
Floor Size (L x W x H)
1950 x 2050 x 2400mm
Machine Weight

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